Nursing Homes

Why We Are Here

Every company has to get out in the world, and meet their customers to be successful. Storm Showers LLC is no different. In fact, it is more important for us to bring ourselves and our products to you than it is for most companies. The Storm Shower Chair is unlike anything ever seen in the long term care industry.  It's a major innovation, and like most major innovations, it takes time for people to understand the importance of something that they never imagined before, no matter how useful it is. Remember life before the Internet? We got along fine before we ever logged on, but once we learned what the World Wide Web could do for us, we can't imagine life without it. That is what Storm Showers is bringing to the long term care industry.

The managers and head nurses and doctors at most nursing homes would never expect that one device can all but eliminate urinary tract infections from a facility. The Storm Shower Chair does that. Guaranteed. The patented split-seat design keeps the perineal area free from self and cross contamination during bathing, unlike whirlpool systems which are often a soup of infections waiting to happen.

That's why we are here. To let long term care providers and families know that there is a new way to help take care of loved ones. It's a way that will keep them healthier, happier, and more comfortable during their stay.