How to do it Right

How many times have we seen our friends and neighbors, or even ourselves, decide to tackle a major home improvement project? Sure, the Home Depot and Lowes commercials make it look like a breeze, and by late afternoon, the family will be standing on their new deck or patio enjoying a cookout. We go out, and buy the nails, lumber, and a couple of new tools to get the job done. It’s never that easy though, is it? A simple weekend project to build a deck can become a weeks long race to finish before Labor Day. An experienced contractor could have gotten it done in a day or two, but not everyone has that level of skill. We’re left standing there amongst the turning autumn leaves looking over a half-finished summer project, wondering why nothing is level and how come none of the joints never really fit. We then look at our fancy tools that the home improvement mega store convinced us to buy, and finally realize that it’s not the tool that counts so much as the know-how to use them right. It’s a universal truth for any profession, from a fast food fry cook to a software engineer. The best tool in the world is useless, if the person with it in their hands doesn’t know how to use it.

Storm Shower Chairs are no different. Caregivers have to know, not only how to use one of our chairs, but also understand the importance of infection control, how dangerous infections spread, and proper cleaning techniques. These concepts go hand in hand. If a caregiver bathes a patient using one of our chairs, and a couple of days later bathes the same patient in a whirlpool style bath, the benefits of using the Storm Shower Chair are lost. The Storm Shower Chair is still the best way to eliminate UTI’s from long term care facilities, but they have to be properly utilized. Aside from the caregivers themselves, the Storm Shower Chair is the strongest link in the infection control chain, and like any chain, neglecting the weak link will break it.

This is the reason we have in-service videos on this site, so that a CNA with questions can watch a video from any smartphone, tablet, or computer, and get the answers he or she needs. New caregivers can learn how to use one of our chairs, and experienced CNA’s can refresh their skills, when needed. The Storm Shower Chair is easy to understand and use, but even the simplest of tools have to be used correctly.