Dr. David L. Beck PhD, Associate Professor of Microbology at Tennessee Tech University Presents his Scientific Study that Proves the Storm Shower System Prevents and Lowers the Number of UTI's in Care Facilities.

A slide show copy of this breakthrough study can be found here. 




Robert Breeden, Senior Executive Director for The Heritage Center in Morristown TN, on the benefits of the Storm Shower Chair and the outstanding customer service from David Storm & Associates.


Scott Stevens, head of marketing and admissions at Overton County Nursing Home talks about the benefits of The Storm Shower Chair & Disinfecting System, the award winning support and service from David Storm & Associates, and how The Storm Shower Chair helps in marketing. 


This is a testimonial video from a researcher who was part of the scientific study that proves that the Storm Shower Chair can help eliminate UTI's from long-term care facilities.

Researcher Kimberly Hart describes the impact a Storm Shower Chair has on UTI rates in nursing homes, and the impact it has had for the care of a close family member. 

Two Care Facilities Reduced the Number of UTI's to ZERO for Two Straight Months Using the Storm Shower Chair

Life Care Center of Sparta

January 15, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

                               Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

                               Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I am writing this letter to share with you some exciting news. In November 2014, we agreed to participate in a study with David Storm and Associates, and utilize their shower equipment and sanitizers. Several luxury shower chairs were brought to our facility, and a sanitization system was installed in our Orchid Shower Room. Our staff was trained on how to use the new equipment on several occasions, and our previous shower equipment was removed from the facility.

Feedback from the staff regarding the new equipment was positive. Our staff stated they felt that residents were more comfortable in the new equipment and felt that they had better access to the resident during the bathing process.

Our facility tracks all infection and antibiotic use with our residents. From January to October of 2014, our Casper report for long stay UTI's numbered 30. During the month of November, our facility had ZERO UTI's for those using the Storm Shower Equipment. During the month of December, our facility had ZERO UTI's for those using the Storm Shower Equipment.

Clinically speaking, I feel that the new equipment would be a good investment for our facility, as the sanitization process would prevent the possibility of cross contamination and self contamination since the equipment is shared with many residents.  There is also the increased comfort level experienced by our residents using the Storm Shower Equipment that improves their overall quality of life. 


Stacey D, RN DON

Life Care Center of Sparta


To whom it may concern,

An experimental study has been done at our facility, Bethesda Health Care, during the dates of November 2014 and December 2014 with Storm Shower Chairs and Deluxe Disinfecting System. Training was provided to our staff by Storm & Associates. 

During the month of October, there were 4 UTI's in the study shower rooms, but in November and December there were ZERO UTI's in the study shower rooms.

Our facility is pleased with these results. We feel the Storm Shower Equipment was very beneficial to the outcomes of the UTI study. The study is ongoing, and we will update as needed.

Thank you,


Infection Control Nurse

Other Testimonials


CARTHAGE, TN 615-735-0569

Our facility purchased two shower chairs, the large and medium,

and also included the disinfecting dispenser. We have been using it

since July and have decreased our UTI's from 7 residents to 4.

Michelle G, Staffing Coordinator




I wanted to let you know our staff has given positive feedback on

your infection control system. We have seen positive results since

implementing. Lynn Medford and I would like to echo our staff's

thoughts, you have a good product that helps with infection control.

Robert B, Exec. Director



JONESBORO, LA 318-259-2729

When we purchased our Lou Lou Deluxe Shower Chairs in July

of this year, we noted eleven urinary tract infections on our infection

control log. By the end of August, that number had dropped to

seven, and with the completion of our September report, it dropped

further to six. Steve W, RN




Over the last three months, the number of nosocomial infections,

particularly UTI's, dropped from approximately7% to approximately

3%. The Shower System creates a comfortable environment along

with a sense of cleanliness that both staff and residents enjoy.

Ginny P, Asst. Dir. of Nursing



LIVINGSTON, TN 931-823-6403

There has been a dramatic decline in the number of UTI’s since implementing

the Lou Lou Deluxe Chair system. Our records indicate that in February

of this year, our UTI number was 12. Since that time we have noticed a

steady decline in the number of UTI's with a final number of 3 for the

month of August. I am so pleased with these results. You did a great job

for us here, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally.

Jennifer B, Administrator



LITTLETON, CO 720-838-7623

Great News! My little Cheyenne Manor (38 beds, county owned,

21% UTI rate), could not get below 7 or 8 UTI's per month. They

ordered two chairs, a base and disinfector in May. Their June

numbers dropped to 3 ... July dropped to 1. And I got her August

numbers yesterday .. .ZERO'

Jim C




I’ll admit I resisted the idea and did not completely quit using my

whirlpool tubs until August I, 2011 I. I really didn't think there would

be much difference in the number of UTI's in the facility. When my

Performance Improvement nurse brought me the UTI totals the first

week of September and I realized they had dropped from 13 in July

to just 3 in August, I knew you were on to something.

Shirley W, RN, NHA




Last year we installed the Lou Lou shower chair system. Prior

to this I was having a difficult time with frequent UTI's, since the

system has been installed, our infections have decreased by 50%. I

would recommend this system to any long term care facility.

Jan G, LPN



BOWLING GREEN, OH 419-352-7558

As far as infection control, we have seen a decrease in UTI's,

March 2011, we had 5 UTI's, April, we had 2 UTI's, May, we had 2

UTI's, June we had 1 UTI. So as you can see, the results have been


Teresa F, RN DON



FAYETEVILLE, TN 931-438-5125

The techs like the chairs & are impressed with the design & function,

which allow for better cleaning and hygiene for the residents. We

have seen an improvement in the number of UTI cases during the

last 6 months. Our number of new cases has dropped by 50%.

Brad H, Administrator



WOODBURY, TN 615-563-5939

Thank your for the time, dedication, and education to our staff in

assisting our facility in reducing UTI's for the month of May 2011

with a total of 5. Only 1 infection was a resident using the Lou Lou

chair, the other 4 used a whirlpool. I will admit, I was skeptical at first

regarding this reducing our UTI's . Once I began looking at the

number and reviewing the data I was impressed with this system.

William T, RN, BSN, DON



COMANCHE, CO 580-439-2398

Thank you so much for introducing our facility to the Lou Lou

Shower Chair System! Since implementing the system in July 2010,

we have seen a reduction in UTI's, from 14 in August to as low as 2

in November. As you can see, the results have been impressive! Not

only have we been pleased with the system, but the customer service

has also been outstanding.

Stacy S, RN, Director of Nursing



CHEYENNE WELLS, CO 719-767-5602

Since purchasing this in May, we have decreased our UTI'S.

We have had only one soft tissue infection since we began using the

Storm Shower System. Prior to that, we had at least 2 or 3 a month.

We feel by using this system we are providing a cleaner bathing

system for our residents and less chance of many of the germs &

bacteria that can harm our residents .. Without this system, we would

still be trying to find a way to decrease our UTI's in the facility.

Thank you again.

Doris G,/ADON



ALGOOD, TN 931-537-6524

In October 2009, we had a very high UTI rate of 4%. This slowly

started going down with increased awareness and constant follow-up

with supervisors and employees on the immediate and long lasting

effects of infection and sepsis. We were also beginning to use the

Storm Shower System in the shower rooms. The rates continued to

go down then suddenly they started going up. April went up to 3%

but then I learned we had ran out of the Storm Shower System. After

purchasing more and adding a unit to another wing, the rates started

going down with May's rate being 1.8%.

Emily M, RN. BSN



ELDORADO, AR 870-863-8131

Our facility conducted a study after installing the Lou Lou shower

chair system we purchased from your company. Our study was done

over the course of three months: April, May; & June 2011 . Six residents

were chosen for review due to their prevalence of recurring UTI's. All

six residents studied had experienced a UTI in the few months prior

to the installation of the chair but all had no reoccurrence of infection

during the three month study period. In this, we conclude that residents

do receive better perineal care with use of the Lou Lou chair, which in

turn reduces the number of UTI's.

Tina H, RN, DON



JACKSON, MS 601-948-6531

What do I think of Storm Showers? Went from a monthly average of

8 UTI's, down to a 4, and then on to 0. What else is there to say?

Lisa F, DON



LIVINGSTON, TN 931-823-6403

This is written to give others the opportunity to hear our praise for the results from the "Lou Lou" chair system in cleansing residents & reducing the incidence of urinary tract infections. The long term care facility which I work in has had these products for approximately 2 years. In that time, we have witnessed a significant decrease in the overall amount of infections.

At the start, I really had my doubts that they would be as effective as claimed, but I have been shown the facts. The chair is definitely more form fitting for bathing & it has proven effective in reducing the number of UTI's in our facility. The incidence of urinary tract infections almost immediately declined by 40% in the first month of use (average amount based on census of 120, and UTI's being anywhere from 12-20 nosocomial infections monthly). Continued use of these has had an impact on the infection rate in our building. This past quarter UTI's are ranging from 0.5% to 1% of total infections. Definite difference in our infections and ensuring that the residents are less likely to have an infection.

This product works because it applies a common sense approach.

If visible then easier to clean an area.

How simple an idea is that? One that does work apparently.

If your goal is infection reduction & safety,

I encourage you to use this product.

Michelle J, BSN,RN, WCC



SOMMERSET, KY 606-678-5104

This letter is to let you know how delighted we are with the shower chair and cleaning

system we recently purchased from you.

Our staff have not stopped raving about the chair and how much easier the showers are to

give. They also are amazed at how much time and effort they save with the cleaning and

sanitizing of the chair. We have had the system installed for about two months now, and

we have already seen a decrease in the number of UTI's. The residents have commented

that it chair is very comfortable and they feel safer and more secure than in "other"

shower chairs. The staff and residents both are anxiously awaiting the next purchase!

I must add that you are a pleasure to work with. You are polite, professional and

especially knowledgeable about the products and service that you sell. We look forward

to a continued beneficial business relationship with you and your company.

Thank you again for assisting us in making the lives of the residents entrusted to us



Jill S, Administrator

Cumberland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center