A Family Company, Built on Experience.

Storm Showers LLC, formerly David Storm & Associates, is built on a foundation rooted in sixty years of experience providing for the bathing needs of assisted living and nursing home residents. The culmination of decades of hard work and hands on experience in the industry has given Storm Showers the insight to provide a product that is truly beneficial to a patient’s wellbeing and dignity.

Chief Operating Officer and owner David Storm began his career at the age of sixteen by working with his father, John Storm, in Louisiana helping nursing homes manage their resident’s bathing and hygiene needs. Over the years, David Storm saw firsthand the important role clean and sanitary conditions play in these facilities and the cost incurred when these standards aren't met. Not only is the dignity, health, and wellbeing of the patients adversely affected, but the extra costs incurred to treat infections is a drain on budgets. He saw that outdated bathing equipment, which has remain effectively unchanged since the 1960’s, was a primary cause in preventable infections; most notably urinary tract infections associated with E-coli in patients with incontinence.  In 2007, David Storm came up with a way to safeguard against infections and unnecessary costs- the Storm Shower System ™.

Storm Showers LLC is more than a business. Its founder, David Storm, cares for the patients residing in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. These people are more than customers. They are someone’s mother, father, grandparent, brother, sister, or child and are deserving of love and quality care. That is the level of care that they deserve. The Storm Shower System and the Storm Split Seat Shower Chair, with its revolutionary and patented design, is more than just a better way to protect the health of nursing home residents. It is a way for them to maintain dignity and comfort, in their daily lives.